Configuring Price Plans

This article talks about price plans and how a user can set it up

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Price plans are plans for your revenue model

While the definition is self explanatory and simple, this where the flexibility of Togai really comes into play.

Here's a look at the price plan builder screen :

Let's create a plan where Netflix charges a subscription fee of 19.99 USD a month that includes :

  • Access to 100 movies and 25 TV shows a month. Additional movies can be purchased as packs of 5 movies for 2.00 USD and TV shows at 1.00 USD per TV show

  • 4 supported devices at a time

  • 2 extra members. Additional members can be purchased at 7.99 per month USD for extra member slots with a cap of 5 extra members per account

This is what the config would look like :

Additionally, you can also configure features within the pricing plan to gate usage once the limits are hit and the users would have to pay to receive access to more movies and TV shows on demand.

Let's take a look at how to configure plans with feature limits.

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